Cedarstein Farm

Nestled in the Mabel Lake valley, Cedarstein Farm is a Certified Organic family farm. We raise sheep, cattle, pigs, chicken and turkey’s and grow organic fruit, berries, vegetables and nuts, including heirloom and heritage species.

Kangal and Maremma guard dogs live with the sheep and cattle, protecting them from predators. Our New Zealand Heading (herding) dogs are a key component to the farm; moving livestock or working with us in the corral. A few years ago we built a high tunnel greenhouse and increased our outdoor garden space.

We sell certified organic fruits and vegetables, selling them at our farm stand from April to October, and at one seasonal market in Lumby, and at the Monashee Community Co-op in Lumby.

Our livestock are grass-fed and raised on certified organic pastures. Throughout the farm there are various fruit and nut trees, including sour cherries, apples and walnuts growing along the pastures. Outside year round, they seek shelter in the forest or under these fruit tree’s. During the summer months we make our own hay to feed the animals through the winter.